Miracle IP has drafted and prosecuted numerous United States provisional and non-provisional patent applications as well as foreign applications in Canada, Australia, and Great Britain. We service and maintain client patent portfolios throughout the world. We are dedicated at providing excellent patent services while striving to obtain the broadest patent protection for our clients.


Patent Application Preparation, Filing & Prosecution

Miracle IP prepares, files and prosecutes patent applications through the issuance from the United States Patent & Trademark Office and other patent offices around the world. Miracle IP utilizes the latest electronic filing at the U.S. Patent Office in order to confirm that the proper documents are received in a timely fashion. Prosecution of the application is another term for patent application processing. Application processing includes responding to official USPTO office actions as well as handling Appeals before the Patent Office Board of Appeals and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Furthermore, Miracle IP works with foreign counsel in other countries to assist in obtaining patent protection around the world.

Patent Searching

Miracle IP provides patent searching services that include domestic and foreign databases as well as databases containing publications such as news articles, academic publication, periodicals and technological information on the latest technology.

Patentability Opinions

Miracle IP provides patentability opinions on the favorability of obtaining a patent which enables the client to make an informed decision before investing in a patent application.

Patent Infringement, Validity, and Enforcement Opinions

Our firm renders opinions regarding infringement, validity, and enforcement of U.S. patents.


U.S. Patent Litigation

We offer services regarding litigation of U.S. patents including ownership, validity, enforceability, and infringement.


Licensing and Assignment of Patent Rights

Miracle IP assists clients in effectively licensing and assigning their patent rights. Licenses are typically limited in duration and scope whereas an assignment of patent rights is a permanent transfer of the patent similar to the acquisition of real estate.